Vada Pav Recipe at Home: Delicious and Easy Breakfast

Vada Pav is one of the most popular street foods it is not only a quick breakfast but also a delicious snack for most of our buds in Mumbai, India. It is a delicious and filling snack that is loved by people all over the country. Vada Pav Recipe is made with a spiced potato filling and served in a soft bread bun, it is a perfect snack for any time of the day. In today's blog, we will take you through the step-by-step process of making a Delicious and Easy Vada Pav Recipe at home.

Street Style Vada Pav Recipe

Ingredients for making Street Style Vada Pav Recipe at Home:

For the Vada Recipe:

  • 4 large Potatoes (boiled and mashed)
  • 1 Onion (finely chopped)
  • 2 Green Chillies (finely chopped)
  • 1 tsp Mustard Seeds
  • 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1 tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1 tbsp Oil Salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • Coriander Leaves (finely chopped)

For the Batter:

  • 1 cup Gram Flour
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Water as needed

For the Pav Recipe:

  • 4 Pav Bread Buns
  • 4 tsp Green Chutney
  • 4 tsp Garlic Chutney

Instructions for making Street Style Easy Vada Pav Recipe at Home:

For the Vada Recipe:

Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Let them crackle.
Add chopped onions and green chilies. Sauté until onions turn translucent.
Add turmeric powder, mashed potatoes, salt, and chopped coriander leaves.
Mix well.
Cook the mixture for a few minutes until the spices are well combined.
Add lemon juice and mix again.
Let the mixture cool down to room temperature.

For the Batter:

In a bowl, mix gram flour, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and salt
Add water as needed to make a thick batter.
Mix the batter well to remove any lumps.

For Assembling Vada Pav Recipe:

Take a small amount of the potato mixture and shape it into a ball.
Dip the potato ball in the gram flour batter to coat it evenly.
Deep fry the potato ball in hot oil until it turns golden brown. Drain the fried vada on a paper towel to remove excess oil.
Cut the pav bread buns into halves and apply green chutney on one side and garlic chutney on the other side.
Place the fried vada between the bread buns and press gently.
Serve hot with more green chutney and garlic chutney.

Vada Pav Recipe - Tips:

  • 1. Make sure the batter for the vada (potato fritter) is thick enough to coat the potato filling but not too thick so that it becomes heavy. Adjust the consistency by adding water gradually while making the batter.
  • 2. Add a pinch of baking soda to the batter to make the vada light and fluffy.
  • 3. Deep fry the vada until they turn golden brown and crispy. Make sure the oil is hot enough to ensure a crispy texture.
  • 4. Toast the pav (buns) with butter on a tawa (griddle) until they turn slightly crisp and golden. This adds a nice texture to the Vada Pav.
  • 5. Serve Vada Pav immediately after assembling to enjoy it at its best. The flavors and textures are more pronounced when it is freshly made.

Vada Pav Recipe - Variations:

  • 1. Cheese Vada Pav: Place a slice of cheese on top of the vada before closing it with the pav. When heated, the cheese will melt and add a delicious cheesy element to the Vada Pav.
  • 2. Masala Vada Pav: Sprinkle some chaat masala or a pinch of garam masala on the vada after frying to add extra spice and flavor.
  • 3. Schezwan Vada Pav: Spread Schezwan sauce or chutney on the inner side of the pav before adding the vada. This will give the Vada Pav a spicy and tangy twist.
  • 4. Tawa Vada Pav: Instead of deep frying the vada, you can shallow fry them on a tawa with a little oil. This variation reduces the oil content and gives a slightly different texture to the vada.
  • 5. Green Chutney Vada Pav: Spread green chutney on the inner side of the pav before adding the vada. This adds a refreshing and tangy taste to the Vada Pav.

Vada Pav Recipe - FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):

  • Ques 1) What are the nutritional facts for Vada Pav Recipe?
Ans: The nutritional facts for Vada Pav Recipe can vary depending on the specific recipe and serving size. However, as a general guideline, here are some approximate nutrition facts for one serving of Vada Pav:
  • Calories: 300-400 calories
  • Total Fat: 15-20 grams
  • Saturated Fat: 3-5 grams
  • Cholesterol: 0 milligrams
  • Sodium: 700-1000 milligrams
  • Total Carbohydrates: 35-45 grams
  • Dietary Fiber: 2-4 grams
  • Sugar: 3-5 grams
  • Protein: 5-7 grams
Please note that these nutritional values are estimates and can vary depending on the specific ingredients used and the cooking method employed. Vada Pav is a high-calorie and high-fat food due to the deep-frying of the potato vada and the use of a bread roll. It's important to consume Vada Pav in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. For a more accurate assessment of the nutritional facts of a specific Vada Pav Recipe, it's best to consult the recipe or a registered dietitian.
  • Ques 2) What is the preparation time for the Vada Pav Recipe?
Ans: The preparation time for Vada Pav Recipe can vary depending on the specific recipe and cooking method used. However, as a general guideline, here is an approximate time estimate for preparing Vada Pav: 
  • Preparation time: 30-40 minutes
  • Cook time: 20-30 minutes
  • Total time: 50-70 minutes
The preparation time includes the time required for peeling and boiling the potatoes, preparing the vada mixture, shaping and frying the vada, and assembling the vada pav.
Please note that the preparation time can vary depending on your level of experience in the kitchen and the specific recipe you are following. It's important to read the recipe carefully and plan ahead to ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment on hand.
  • Ques 3) Can heart and kidney patients eat Vada Pav?
Ans: Vada Pav is a high-calorie and high-fat food due to the deep-frying of the potato vada and the use of a bread roll. Therefore, it's not an ideal food choice for heart and kidney patients who need to watch their calorie, fat, and sodium intake.

People with heart and kidney problems are often advised to follow a low-sodium, low-fat, and low-calorie diet to manage their condition and prevent further complications. Consuming high-fat and high-sodium foods like Vada Pav can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney problems. However, if you want to enjoy Vada Pav, there are ways to make it healthier.
  • Ques 4) Can you eat Vada Pav daily as breakfast?
Ans: Consuming Vada Pav daily as a breakfast may not be the healthiest choice, especially if it is made with a deep-fried vada and a white bread roll. As I mentioned earlier, Vada Pav is a high-calorie and high-fat food that can contribute to weight gain and increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health problems. If you want to include Vada Pav in your diet, it's best to consume it in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. You can also try to make healthier versions of the Vada Pav Recipe by using a whole-grain bread roll, baking or air-frying the potato vada, and including more vegetables in the filling.
  • Ques 5) Where did Vada Pav Recipe originate from?
Ans: Vada Pav is a popular street food snack that originated in Mumbai, India. It is also known as the "poor man's burger" and is a staple food in the city.
The exact origin of Vada Pav is not clear, but it is believed to have been invented in the 1960s by Ashok Vaidya, a street food vendor in Mumbai. He was inspired by the Western concept of a burger and decided to create a vegetarian version using local ingredients.
Vada Pav consists of a spicy potato vada (a deep-fried ball of mashed potatoes mixed with spices) sandwiched between two slices of bread, usually a soft white bread roll called pav. It is typically served with a variety of chutneys and spices, such as green chutney, tamarind chutney, and garlic chutney.
Today, Vada Pav Recipe is a popular street food across India and has also gained popularity in other parts of the world, including the United States, where it is sometimes served at Indian restaurants and food trucks.


Vada Pav is a delicious and easy-to-make snack that is loved by people all over India. With this recipe, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Mumbai's iconic street food right in your home. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Vada Pav is a perfect snack for any time of the day. So, try out this Street Style Vada Pav recipe and treat your taste buds to the amazing flavors of Vada Pav.

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